At Clicky Climbers

Congrats, you overcame the first obstacle and took a step towards the top. Now we join you on this adventure. We will describe the working conditions at Clicky Climbers.

A job at Clicky Climbers is an excellent opportunity for you if you have the courage and love to push the boundaries of your personal growth.

Do you like to educate yourself and strive to achieve personal as well as business goals? Then we invite you to join a group of tireless climbers.


You’re standing on top of the mountain.

With eyes closed…

You feel the breath of fresh air.


You open your eyes…

And your gaze is set on blue skies and beautiful mountains.

At that moment, you realize that nothing is impossible.

You know you’re on the right path.

No obstacle is too high, and you enjoy taking intense hikes.

Working at a place where you feel fulfilled doesn’t mean you can relax the whole day.

On the contrary.

Mornings at Clicky Climbers start with a cup of coffee, your colleagues, and good energy.

Pre-determined projects and tasks are waiting for you. You are ready to take them on with full focus.

You work with a like-minded, open, honest, fun, and knowledge-seeking team.

Together we form a team that finds answers to all of the problems on our path.

You’re not just a number at Clicky Climbers. You’re a member of the climbing family.

You’re recognized for your work and rewarded with competitive pay.

Are you ready for the next hike?


Already climbing with


Before the climb

The digital world and knowledge attached to it is changing with light speed.

If you want to climb with us to the very top, you need a desire to learn and grow. Keeping an open mind to new things.

Lack of desire for knowledge is a trend in the Slovenian environment. With us, your next school begins, which we hope will never end.

We want to change the guidelines with our leadership, energy, and effort to deliver the necessary and quality educational content and services of the highest value to the digital world.

We can’t do everything ourselves, that is why you’re a vital part of our family.

The best digital services require self-initiative and creative people with a positive mindset.

We go outside the box with our ambitions and vision at Clicky Climbers.

We want to reconstruct the work process and outdated habits that are established in other companies.

Our goal is to win the heart of every employee and dominate the digital world with you.

We strive towards being the best and most successful. It’s the only way of moving forward and achieving our goals.

We value honesty, integrity, and results. They’re the foundation of our company.

We primarily focus on online advertising.

We need a climber that wants to conquer every peak and overcome obstacles with our team. Looking forward to new adventures and big projects?

Join us.

Dare to look at the beautiful horizons from the top.

Surrounded by people, where your word counts.

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