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Company’s story

Samana d.o.o is more known under the name of the brand Jogaline. The company is the leading seller of yoga and outdoor products. At the moment they are expanding on foreign markets with our help.

Representing only the best and top brands such as prAna, Manduka, ReYoga, Lafuma on the market.

Throughout the years, they helped many people with appreciation, quality and lasting products. Their passion for sports, yoga, nature and responsive support is what makes them experts.

Jogaline has over 150 positive reviews on Trust Pilot, Google and Facebook.

Advertising platforms we used

Google Ads

To enter the foreign market and increase sales, we decided to expand their growth with Google Ads Search campaigns. Campaigns are active since 10.3.2020.


Primary goal of was to increase online sales of yoga mats with profitable Google Ads campaigns. At the same time, they wanted to raise brand awareness on the market.

With its online store, Samana entered in a new and unknown Croatian market. From the beginning of January to the end of the February online store generated only 11 sales. Despite successes in Slovenia, they needed a different approach on the Croatian market to achieve their goals.

The market is full of big competitors such as Hervis, Decathlon, Intersport and so on … And they have a limited and far lower budget than their competition for advertising on Google Ads.

We started with advertising campaigns in march, right before the pandemic COVID-19 hit the streets.

They doubted that campaigns would work and produce sales in this time of crisis. After some talks, we concluded it’s best to continue with campaigns.


Before advertising campaigns, we managed a strategic workshop with the team of Samana. We have learned about the company’s processes, customers, vision and goals.

We did additional research and market analysis based on the information from the workshop.

After, we built an advertising strategy and set up Google Ads campaigns. We optimised them for conversions.

Technical adjustment

Before the start of campaigns, we implemented digital tools such as Google Tag Manager and Hotjar. With their technical team, we checked the existing Google Analytics settings and so on.

It’s essential to have a system that measures your results. Set it before the start of every ad campaign! That way, you will know what works, what needs to change and where to invest your money.

After implementing and testing the tools, we analysed the competition and researched keywords. Based on the results, we formulated ads that have above-average CTR (click-through rate): 24,47%.

During an on-going advertisement, we tested various tactics. Optimising campaigns with changing the price of an average click from €0,46 to €0.16. Users who actively search and buy yoga mats are now visiting the webpage. All because of the optimised campaigns, and for only 0.16 cents per click!

Results of google advertising

12,4 X

Increase of revenue in 3 months

11,4 X

ROAS: advertising profitability

53,1 %

Higher conversion on online store

20,6 %

Higher average purchase value


Online sales

Comparison period: March 10, 2020 - June 8, 2020 vs December 10, 2019 - March 9, 2020

Samana statistics after we teamed up:

  • sales increased for 873.40%,,
  • improved conversion rate for 52.69%,
  • increased the number of transactions by 723.53%,
  • and an average value of the order raised for 18.20%.

Organic traffic

Comparison period: March 10, 2020 - June 8, 2020 vs December 10, 2019 - March 9, 2020

Due to quality advertising and increased awareness, the organic traffic on grew for 185.68%, without SEO.

Brand awareness is growing day by day with quality visitors who buy their products. Organic sales increased by 385.33% during this period.

With quality visits, we reduced the visit rate of one page for 6.85%. Per session, users checkout more than 5 different subpages and stay on the page for over 4 minutes. Before we teamed up and started with Google advertising, the average stay of a user was under one minute.

Together on the way to the top

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