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Increase your sales in 90 days

Is competition stealing your customers?

Do you know why your competition consistently gains new customers, unlike you?

They use Facebook advertising, and while you wait, they steal away your customers.

Yeah …

You’ve probably tried to set up the campaigns yourself, but you came to this conclusion:

Facebook advertising doesn’t work!

We understand.

Because we were in the same situation, but then we asked ourselves a question:

Why does Facebook advertising work for others?

Because they know the secrets of it. We dug deep and discovered what those secrets are.


In the past, you could use radio, TV ads, or advertising panels to reach your customers.

Today this doesn’t work.

Even worse:

There is no way to measure how many people you’ve reached and if your campaigns work.

You get average results because you don’t have the ability to target users who need and WANT your services or products.

Research shows what users want … it’s personalized advertising.

Don’t you want to instantly reach your potential buyers and help them with your solution?

The next problem with traditional advertising is that you pay for the ad until it runs out, even if it doesn’t work.

It’s an absurd waste of your money.

But it’s not your fault! You can blame them because they hide this fact from you.

Therefore we recommend you start using Facebook advertising.

Wondering why?


Facebook offers you the chance to simply turn off every ad and campaign that doesn’t work in your favor.

At any given time.

You spend your money on new prospects and people who buy your products.

Facebook advertising is, in fact, much cheaper than traditional advertising.


Let us tell you about 3 more mistakes most of the companies make on Facebook.

We hope you’re not among them.


Most of the companies aren’t using Facebook Pixel on their web page.

The impact of implementing Pixel in today’s marketing is so significant that it would be ignorant of you if you didn’t use it.

Why? We’ll get to it later.

The second mistake is the Facebook boost!

We hope you don’t use the boost function to promote your posts and your business.

The only one who profits from this is Facebook. Taking away your money, but not providing many results. 

The third mistake companies make, however, is they send campaign traffic to their homepage.

That’s the same as if we would send you to the biggest marketplace, but you only need bananas.

Imagine the confusion.

If we sum up, most companies and agencies use Facebook advertising wrong.

We are here to turn that around, but only for our customers.


Want to double your online sales in 90 days without spending more than you do now?

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1,6 billion is the number of active users on Facebook. They make more than 4,5 billion likes per day, and they are here, within your arm’s reach.

Facebook is, in fact, no longer used only for fun and socialising. It became a useful tool to grow your business.

However, if you are not one of those skilled entrepreneurs who are already using Facebook to their advantage, then many customers are rushing to your competition.

You, on the other hand, are spinning in a vicious circle with outdated advertising methods that achieve little to no results.

Only a handful of social platforms offer so much diversity and tools to target specific customers like Facebook.

Not only does Facebook allow you to reach a million users instantly. It also allows you to target ideal, potential customers with optimal results.

The best thing is…

That even if you have a company with a limited budget, you don’t need much to reach new customers.

But only if you use Facebook the right way.

You also need to follow all the updates that happen on Facebook almost daily.

What worked last month might not work today.

As opposed to traditional advertising, Facebook advertising is measurable – exact to every single cent you invested.

That’s how you know what works and what needs to improve in your digital marketing.

The power lies in the advanced audiences. They make retargeting your customers and users alike, possible.

It’s the power of Pixel and efficient Facebook advertising.

That’s how you reach ideal customers before they even know they need you (and before the competition steals them from you).

If you want to make the whole strategy by yourself, it could cost you a lot of money to get the education you need.

It could take a whole year or more to learn the advanced strategies. And even that doesn’t guarantee you the skills needed for Facebook advertising.

All that time only to learn Facebook advertising.

To make your campaigns successful, you also need to master psychology and copywriting skills.

Otherwise, users will simply overlook your offer.

Do you know how to make an ad that doesn’t feel like an advertisement?

It’s the advanced strategy that separates you from your competition.

Then it’s necessary to build a measurement system, analytics and understand it well.

You must apply all these things to your advertising strategy and use different techniques for your sales funnel.

Imagine Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon delivering packages to customers.

Not going to work, right?

He is aware that he needs to hire people who do this better than him.

That way, he has the time to focus on growing his business and what he does best.

If you want to get to the top, you need a team behind you, that knows what to do.

You have three options…

Option #1: Do nothing and stay where you are

Are you making enough profit each month already? Congratulations – you probably don’t need the advanced Facebook strategies.

If you are willing to take the next step to increase sales, you have two more options…

Option #2: you make your advertisement strategy

Try to follow all the blogs and news about Facebook advertising every day.

After that, analyze hundreds of successful ad campaigns and figure out what makes them work.

And hope you choose the right strategy for your business.

If you are willing to work hard every day and spend precious time behind the computer, you might even succeed.

Option #3: leave the hard work to us

We will build Facebook advertising campaigns for your business that are proven to work.

We will do all the hard work and make sure to stay on track with the ever-changing market.

Achieving your goal is one click away. Book your free e-meeting.

And together we will see what we can do for you.

Even if you don’t decide to work with us, we will uncover the tactics, for which you would pay at least $1,000.00 elsewhere.

Among these three options:

Which one appeals most to you?

There are two kinds of people in the world.

Dreamers, who dream of increasing their sales, but never take the necessary step forward.

And the ones who put in the hard work, whenever the chance appears.

Most of them will stay dreamers. Only a handful will take the opportunity and grab it by the horns. That way, they will increase sales and bring their business to the top.

Because you’re still reading this, we know you’re a unique and special individual…

One of the few companies we wish to team up with.

If we are correct, book your free e-meeting now. We will analyze the state of your company and advise you which steps are best to make, to improve your online presence.

The choice is yours.

Facebook Advertising

Turn your $1 into $2, $3, or more!

When you use the power of Facebook advertising, you have users waiting to buy, within arm’s reach.

Don’t waste your money on advertising that doesn’t bring results.

Unless you want to and you have an unlimited budget.

To grow your business on Facebook, we use advanced strategies. They double if not triple the number of your contacts and sales.

But we are very selective when we choose who to work with. We share our secrets only with a handful of companies, and for those who are willing to invest and work hard.

P.S. Or call us now and jump in front of the scheduled meetings.

P.P.S. The number of free monthly e-meetings is limited. You can either wait in line or hurry up and get ahead of your competitors (if your competition contacts us before you, we will have to say no to you).

“What is said is done - usually even before the deadline! CLICKY CLIMBERS help you and your project get the most of it. You probably didn’t know what kind of potential lies in it in the first place. All with expert knowledge and 100% support.”
Tinkara Končar
Tinks Yoga Center

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Facebook Ads is an online solution used on the Facebook platform to increase your sales. You can do that by promoting your products/services with ads. With advertising on Facebook, you can reach prospects, who need your solution right away. You can do that by targeting users through their interests and advanced audiences.

Yes, Facebook Ads work. With it, you can accurately target users who need your products/services. However, you need to set goals correctly and measure the right metrics.

Facebook works like this: you build your campaigns according to your goal with a variety of creatives, copywriting, interests, and audiences.

No, advertising on this platform is not free. But Facebook offers a promotion code, and with it, you can test Facebook Ads.

Typically, you need to invest in Facebook Ads for the campaign and the services of a company that does the advertising for you. The price is different for every project because every company has different goals and budgets. Facebook doesn’t have any limits on how much you have to spend, and you can stop your ads at any given time.

The cost per click on Facebook Ads can vary from $0.05 up to a couple of dollars. It all depends on the niche you are in and how much of your competition already advertises. More important than the click is, that you measure how much does the desired result/final conversion costs you.

Yes. Our customers get amazing results with Facebook Ads. You can check our detailed studies of successful campaigns. We target buyers, who need a particular product or service. Our goal is to at least double your investment in advertising.

The difference between these platforms is how they target users. Facebook aims prospects by gathering data about their interests. Google targets prospects with selected keywords, which they type in search engines. With advertising on Google, you can focus more on the customers who need your product/service now. But that also depends on your offer.

To have successful Facebook campaigns, measuring results is necessary. Don't start with advertisements before you set up your analytics system correctly. To measure your ads performance precisely, you must set your digital tools right. Only this way you will know where every invested dollar went.

Indeed, your website affects user experience and ads relevance with your content. Design of your website also affects conversions. To have successful campaigns, you need to test creatives, interests and audiences regularly.

That companies are always trying to sell and addressing users by saying that they are the "best". It’s essential to know in which phase of the sales funnel your customers are. That way, you can build your campaigns based on their current needs. Give users as much value as possible and don’t forget to set up the system that measures your results.

Depending on whether you have already advertised on Facebook and how strong is your Pixels data. If you are just starting to advertise, then it will be necessary to obtain data, regularly test various creatives and audiences. In the end, it is crucial for success to have a sufficient budget and a good product.

Of course. Here comes the but. In most cases, when individuals choose to manage ads on Facebook, they spend a lot more money than they should. It’s necessary to have digital tools connected with campaigns. That way, you can measure results. To make a successful campaign, you need to know the platform and have expert knowledge. As they always update, you need to keep up with the updates. In all this time, you could be focusing on the work you already do. In the meantime, we would set up a system for advertising that works.

Simple. Book your e-meeting below.

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