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Google Ads is the fastest way to reach new prospects and thus increasing your company’s sales.

You have to adjust your advertising strategy based on your business, sales funnel, goals and budget.

Problem is that most agencies don’t take the time to get to know your business.

That’s why your Google Ads campaigns don’t work and make your hair grey. The difference between us and similar services is that we take care of your grey hair. We keep them at bay with successful advertising and unique strategy, made specially for your company. We apply it to the current market needs and your new prospects.

First, we take the time to get to know your company and customers. After that, we start building an advertising strategy that will work for YOUR business.

The advantage of having ads on Google is simple – presenting your ads to new prospects, who need your solution to their problem NOW. And you only pay for it, when they click on your ad.

Your ads showing in the search engine is FREE! Call it what you want, but we call this SEO on steroids. You rank first in search results without having to wait for SEO effects, which could take months or even years.

While you’re showing up to the prospects looking for your products/services at this moment, you have the opportunity to increase your sales quickly.

Let’s sum up …

Advertising with Google offers IMMEDIATE access to your new prospects. They have a problem, and you have a solution.

With SEO, you have to wait at least a few months to rank at the top of search results. But with every day that passes by, your competition is growing stronger. And they will not wait for you.

Let’s make Google advertising profitable

Our goal is to increase conversion rate. We are targeting the right users with optimised ad campaigns.

We understand your past experiences with Google Ads where you ended up saying: “Google Ads doesn’t work for our business.”

You’re not alone.

You probably set up Google Ads campaigns yourself. You paid for expensive keywords, without the results you wanted. Or you’ve put your campaigns in the hands of another agency that focused on clicks rather than conversions.

Either way, Google Ads did not have the effect you wanted.

We are sure you agree with us when we say that from clicks only, your bank account will not grow.

What you need are conversions and prospects who need your solutions.

It’s not your fault!

You are probably worried where your hard-earned money will go and if it will bring the results you desire.

With the right knowledge, we know that you could’ve set up successful ad campaigns alone. But probably you are a little short on that end regarding advertising. And working with other agencies did not bring the wanted results.

You wanted transparency in business operations, personal cooperation and clear explanation of results.

Sadly, that was not the case.

But none of it is your fault!

Optimisation of ad campaigns was set for clicks rather than prospects who were ready to buy your products/services.  Even this is not your fault.

We set our focus at Clicky Climbers on your new prospects, who need your solutions.

We optimise Google campaigns with the best strategy. Set on increasing your sales each month with the same amount of money you used before.

Advertising Tips

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What others don’t tell you is ...

Setting up profitable Google campaigns is hard.

A lot of agencies hide this fact. The second thing is that the number of qualified experts working for them is next to zero.

And to top it all off, the number of employees in agencies is too low to devote to your project entirely.

We got all this information from inside sources. Up until today, nobody wanted to disclose them to you.

Our motto is to stay on track with trends. We are improving and learning from the best quality sources. Our goal is to make sure that your project succeeds. It is as much yours as it is ours. We understand we are putting our signature under every Google campaign we make. That is why we make sure that we build strategies with care – every step of the way.

While your competitors spend money on expensive clicks, you can make a decision right now. Become a business that uses Google Ads in a way that is beneficial for your business.

With us, you’ll have access to advanced analytics, and you will get simple explanations and precise results.

There is a catch. If you want our help, you have to make your decision fast. The number of customers we can take has a limit. We want to offer the best results to our clients, that is why we only have a certain amount of spots available. From personal experience, people who decide fast are the best to work with.

Take advantage of google ads

While it’s still cheap

Take on this opportunity now while we still have some spots left.

We don’t just work with everybody, and a lot of small to mid-range businesses want access to these proven strategies.

Monthly we accept only two businesses to work with. If we are already cooperating with someone from your niche, your chance just dropped.

We know a few companies that use Google Ads, but they are not satisfied with the results. They don’t know how to build the right strategy around it. They lost money, time and eventually gave up.

We’ve been in the same situation but we didn’t give up. We found strategies that work, and learned a lot in the process. With persistence, we found the ones that work.

We can now compare our system to a well-oiled sales machine.

While others struggle to set the right keywords, have the wrong settings, our campaigns make profits every day.

Even in times of crisis, our customers witness great results.

Our approach

Is complete

We see your project as a whole. It is not our goal to “just” work for you. We want to become a part of your team. Every day we strive to take a step forward to reach your goal and increase your sales.

Our job is to change prospects into real buyers. We make sure that Google Ads becomes profitable for your company.

It all starts with setting-up the advertising account and proper account settings. It happens before we start building a new campaign. The structure of advertisement campaigns is essential. We make sure we reach the goal and stage in the sales funnel with a fully optimised campaign.

Research is crucial in every part of the process. Choosing the right keywords can be frustrating, but with the right tools, everything is possible. We research with the best tools in the industry. To measure results, we set up digital tools and advanced settings. Results are always available to you.

We can figure out what works, what part needs more attention and optimisation, together.

We write ads with advanced direct-response copywriting techniques. We understand the psychology of consumers and how it works. With all that in mind, we reach higher CTR (click-through rate).

We reduce the price of a single click regularly. So for the same amount of money, your results get better and better.

All information is transparent. You have access to all the accounts as the owner. We don’t hide anything from you.

Good JOB

You are on your way to the top

You have come this far on the page, congratulations! You are one of the few businessmen who wish to go to the top.

You are probably eager to start. How?

It’s simple.

All you have to do is to book for the free e-meeting.

We will get to know your business and give advice on what you can do to improve it right away, to get closer to your goals. Even if you don’t decide to work with us, you will get the information, for which you would pay at least 1.000,00 EUR elsewhere.

We give you away for free.

Don’t let it mislead you. Lots of companies would gladly pay this amount to get this information.

Use this opportunity and get ahead of the competition. They could grab your spot anytime.

Stop waiting around and letting your competition take away all the prospects. Change your situation for the better at this moment, while advertising is still reasonably cheap.

More and more businesses are deciding for Google advertising. Do not stay behind them.

Now you know all about how to get ahead of your competition.

We hope you are ready for an unlimited number of customers, who will come to your page seeking your solution to their problem. We leave you with three options.

Option #1: Do nothing and stay where you are

Are you making enough profit each month already? Congratulations – you probably don’t need this strategy.

If you are willing to take the next step to increase sales, you have two more options …

Option #2: You make your advertisement strategy

Try to follow all the blogs and articles about Google advertising every day.

After that, analyse hundreds of successful ad campaigns. Why and how they work and hope you choose the right one for your business.

If you are willing to work hard every day and spend precious time behind the computer, you might even succeed.

Option #3: Leave the hard work to us

We will build Google ads campaigns for your business that are proven to work.

We will do all the hard work and make sure to stay on track with the ever-changing market.

Achieving your goal is only one click away. Book your free e-meeting.

And together we will see what we can do for you.

Which of the three options appeals most to you?

There are two kinds of people in the world.

Dreamers, who dream of increasing their sales, but never take the step forward.

And the ones who put in the hard work, whenever the chance appears.

Most of them will stay dreamers. Only a handful will take the opportunity and grab it by the horns. That way, they will increase sales and bring their business to the top.

If you are the one that grabs the opportunity by the horns, book a free e-meeting. We will analyse the state of your company and advise you. We will see which steps are best to make, to improve your online presence.

The choice is yours.

P. S. Call us now and jump in front of the scheduled meetings.

P. P. S. The number of free monthly e-meetings has a limit. You can either wait in line or hurry up and get ahead of your rivals. (If by any chance we get contacted by your competition, we will have to say no to you.)

“What is said is done - usually even before the deadline! CLICKY CLIMBERS help you and your project get the most of it. You probably did not know what kind of potential lies in it in the first place. All with expert knowledge and 100 % support.”
Tinkara Končar
Tinks Yoga Center

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Google Ads is an online solution, used on Google platform to increase your sales. You can do that by promoting your products/services with ads. With advertising on Google, you can reach prospects, who need your solution right away. You can do that by choosing the right keywords that make prospects into regular customers. Only the right keywords will increase your conversion.

None. The platform where you can advertise is currently named Google Ads. Before that, they called it Google Adwords. On 24. 07. 2018 Google decided to rename it to Google Ads.

Yes, Google advertising absolutely works. With Google, you can immediately target users who are looking for your solutions. This can drastically increase your sales, but you need to set the right advertising strategy.

It shows your ad to prospects, looking at your product or services to solve their problem. You only pay for clicks they make, when they interact with the ad.

No, advertising on this platform is not free. But Google offers a promotion code, and with it, you can test advertising on Google Ads.

Typically, you need to invest in Google Ads for the campaign and the services of a company which does the advertising for you. The price is different for every project because every company has different goals and budget. You can stop your ads and ad campaigns anytime, Google doesn’t have any limits on how much you have to invest.

Cost per click on Google Ads can vary from 0,02 EUR up to a couple of EUR. It all depends on a niche you are in and how much of your competition already advertises. Cost per click changes depending on your goals, types of campaigns and keywords you wish to lease.

Yes. Our customers get amazing results with it. You can check our detailed studies of successful campaigns. We target future buyers, who need a particular product or service at that exact moment. Advertising on Google is an excellent tool to reach them. Our goal is to at least double your investment in advertising.

The difference between these platforms is how they target users. Facebook aims for new prospects by gathering data about their interests. Google targets new prospects with selected keywords, which they type in search engines. With advertising on Google, you can focus more on the customers who need your product/service now. But that also depends on what you are offering and where the location of your prospects is.

The best results are made when SEO and Google complement each other. We recommend using both. But you will have to wait a couple of months for the SEO to take full effect. Whereas in competitive niches maybe even years. It depends on how long you’re doing SEO optimization and the quality of your work. With Google Ads, you reach prospects right away.

To have successful Google campaigns, measuring results is necessary. We recommend you to set a system to measure results. To measure them precisely, you NEED to set your digital tools right. Only this way you will know where every invested euro went.

Indeed, your website affects user experience and ads relevance with your content. Design of your website also affects conversions. Your quality grade and cost per click is set by Google algorithm. The algorithm takes into account both your website and ad campaigns. It is essential to make A/B tests and optimise landing pages for successful Google Ads campaigns.

First one is the lease of wrong keywords and negligence of negative ones. Second is that you need to know the market and users to write quality ads with limited character space. Third - never forget to have the right settings for campaigns and conversions. The last one does not have a system to measure your results.

Of course. Here comes the but. In most cases, when individuals choose to manage ads on Facebook end up spending a lot more money than they should. It is necessary to have digital tools connected with campaigns. That way, you can measure results. To make a successful campaign, you need to know the platform and have expert knowledge. As they always update, you need to keep up with the updates. In all this time you could be focusing on the experience you already have and use it for your business. In the meantime, we would set up the system for advertising that works.

Simple. Book your e-meeting here.

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