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Double your sales in 90 days

Your climb to the top begins now.

It’s up to you how long you stay on the parking spot.

Online advertising is a way to achieve your business goals faster.

But we only reveal our secrets to select customers. Until you are ready to climb, we’re hiding them in the mountains.

To reveal our strategies that work, you have to convince us you want to double your sales and get ahead of your competition.

Yes, we know…

You are sick of the so-called experts providing you with more excuses than actual results.

You worry because you don’t want to invest hard-earned money for online advertising that may not bring results.

If advertising has cost you more than it has brought back so far, let’s put an end to it.

Today. Now.

Let us explain:

With our well-planned strategies, we only target users ready to buy.

We are aware random advertising does not bring the desired results. However, it is important for us to at least double your investment.

But we have a question for you.

What is happening while the competition is advertising and making its online presence bigger?

It’s not a secret. Your situation is getting worse.

We are not trying to be the bad guys, but you have to understand that your users are moving online.

What does this mean for you?

Well, while you are resting, the competition is already halfway to the top.

Moreover, your potential clients are browsing and buying products from competitors’ websites.

But it’s not too late!

You still have time to enter the digital world, and with proper equipment, you can reach the top.

A difficult step, but you are not alone in this. At Clicky Climbers, we go together through dangerous paths all the way to the most beautiful views.

Together we overcome all obstacles to achieve your goals. This is our mission because we are aware that every project carries our signature, and the only way to succeed is to work together.


If you struggle to acquire quality leads and you want to change that, keep on reading…

There is a solution.

Online advertising gives you instant access to hot leads and customers.

Unlike SEO, where you wait few months to see the first results.

You can choose to wait a little bit longer. However, the competition will take your customers away, your earnings will be lower, and you will be left far behind in digital marketing.

When you decide to change, your ascent will be much harder than it is today. Imagine going to Mount Everest in flip-flops…

Yes, that harder.

Even worse. The competition that is already advertising can buy your branded keywords. Did you know that?

It doesn’t matter if you are ranking 1st on organic search. Those who use paid promotion can put their ads before your organic positions. Believe it or not, the users don’t even know they’re clicking on the competitors’ ads.

Then they land on their website to see their offer instead of yours.

Don’t worry. You can prevent this, and if you want to succeed, you must take action.

Today we’re offering you a free strategy e-meeting. We will reveal all the steps you have to take to improve your business online. But you have to act now because we don’t know how long this offer will stand.

We make online advertising profitable

Increase your website traffic

Through paid traffic, we bring you qualified users who are willing to buy on your website.

Improve conversion

We increase the number of your online visitors who turn into customers by implementing ethical tactics that will double or even triple your sales.


We re-target your non-converting visitors with compelling ads. These ads follow them around the web with your offer.


We help you set up an automated system that nurtures the contacts you acquire and turn your website into a powerful sales machine.

Already climbing with


Do you have enough endurance to climb to the top?

Inadequate preparations before the ascent will bring problems. The same goes for online advertising. Without strong foundations, you won’t achieve your desired goals.

Our company understands business is like a climb and only the most prepared survive.

Before you schedule your strategic e-meeting, have a serious intention to grow your business.

If you’re not ready yet, leave the limited number of calls to someone serious about increasing online sales.

But if you think you are ready to step on higher peaks and increase your profits, then apply for a free e-meeting right away.

Or pay at least $1,000.00 to other agencies for this information.

Grab your opportunity now, while it is available to you, and before we start charging for e-meetings again.

Advertising Tips

Why choose

Clicky Climbers

At Clicky Climbers, we dedicate time to truly understand and know your company, sales processes, customers, and competition.

Then, together with you, we build a strong strategy that will bring your company customers ready to buy.

We will do everything for you to leave your competition far behind.

We understand it’s not about getting traffic to your website. It doesn’t matter how many people visit your site if none of them turn into a customer and revenue for your business.

With such methods, you are wasting your hard-earned money instead of increasing your income with it.

We do the hard work and do not look for shortcuts, as they may do elsewhere.

Our time is limited. We only accept a certain number of new projects each month. It’s because we want to offer our customers quality service and results.

Get in touch with us and show that you are ready to:

  • beat the competition,
  • conquer all the obstacles,
  • and climb to the top.

Leave online advertising to us and focus on the work you do best.

Your business’s sales growth is just a step away, so apply for your free e-meeting today.

Each month, our limited number of strategic e-meetings fills up quickly, so apply for yours now.

“What is said is done - usually even before the deadline! CLICKY CLIMBERS help you and your project get the most of it. You probably did not know what kind of potential lies in it in the first place. All with expert knowledge and 100% support.”
Tinkara Končar
Tinks Yoga Center

Faq - frequently asked questions

Online advertising is an online solution you can use on various online platforms to increase your sales. You do this by promoting your products or services through ads. With online advertising, you can instantly reach users who are looking for your solutions now. Ads also increase the awareness and visibility of your brand.

Yes, online advertising absolutely works. However, it is important that you choose the right advertising platform for your products, end customers, and above all, your goals.

Online advertising works by showing your ads to the users exactly when they are looking for the products or services you offer. In this case, we're talking about Google Ads and keywords buying. Facebook Ads, however, works somewhat differently. On Facebook, we target users with interests and advanced audiences.

No, online advertising is not free. But you have the option to get promotional codes and use these funds for smaller tests.

The price of online advertising varies from platform to platform. For example, Google Ads works differently from Facebook Ads. You buy keywords on Google and pay for clicks, and on Facebook, we target users through interests and audiences. Prices are different for each project because each company has different goals and marketing budgets. Platforms don’t limit your minimum spend, and you can stop campaigns and ads at any time.

A click can cost from € 0.02 or up to a few euros. It all depends on the niche you are in and how many competitors are already advertising. The cost of clicks also depends on your goals, campaign types, and website. However, each advertising platform has its way of advertising options and billing.

Definitely. Our customers have great results with Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Check out our successful case studies for more details. Through advertising, we regularly reach customers who urgently need certain products or services. We usually at least double your investment. If you want the same, apply for a free e-meeting.

It is best when SEO and online advertising complement each other. Do both, but you will indeed have to wait a few months for SEO effects to kick in. Depending on how long you are doing the SEO and of what quality. With online advertising, you have access to your customers instantly.

Measuring results is essential for successful online advertising. We do not recommend that you start advertising without setting up a measurement system. You need to set up digital tools to measure performance accurately. That way, you know exactly where you spend your money and how effective your campaigns are.

Of course, your website affects the user experience and relevance of the ads in conjunction with your content. Your page layout also affects conversions. The algorithms take everything into account and determine the quality and price of campaigns based on analyzes. For profitable campaigns, you need to run A/B tests and adjust your campaigns, ads, and landing pages based on your results.

It depends on the platform you are advertising on. With Google Ads, the biggest mistake is to target the wrong keywords and to be lazy with negative keywords. With Facebook Ads, you need to write ads appropriately, use the right creatives and audiences. It's essential to know your market and users so you can set up your campaigns properly. Be sure to consider your sales funnel. However, you mustn't forget to set up a system that measures your results.

You can. But in most cases, when individuals choose to manage online advertising themselves, they unnecessarily spend a lot of money. You also need to set up digital tools to measure your results correctly. For successful campaigns, you need advanced knowledge of digital platforms. These, however, are continually changing with innovations. Instead, please focus on the work you are best at, and we will help you set up an advertising system that works.

If we accept you, we can help you with Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Apply for the free strategy e-meeting below.

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